Premolar Removal Before Invisalign Treatment: When Is It Needed?

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There are instances where the removal of the premolar before Invisalign treatment is highly recommended. The first premolar, also known as the bicuspid, can be removed without causing any issues with function or aesthetic appearance. This provides extra space for patients with crowding issues.

Premolar removal for Invisalign treatment

Premolar removal may seem scary or invasive, but it is actually an easy process and often helps with the Invisalign treatment process. The following is everything to know about premolar removal before Invisalign, including when removal of the first premolar might be necessary.

What is premolar removal for Invisalign treatment?

The premolars are teeth that are located between the canines and molars. They serve a small role in the ability to chew and crush food. However, they are not essential to proper mouth function or a quality cosmetic appearance. When the mouth is overcrowded, it is often wise to remove a tooth before Invisalign treatment to allow teeth to properly shift and straighten. Most orthodontists agree that the first premolar needs to be removed in this scenario.

When is premolar removal necessary?

The main reason premolar removal is performed before Invisalign treatment is to create more space inside the mouth, which allows teeth to properly shift into a better position. Subsequently, premolar removal is necessary when the patient’s teeth are overcrowded, a complication often caused by a jaw that is too small or teeth that are too large. Orthodontists may also recommend premolar removal before Invisalign treatment if the patient has a moderate to severe case of bimaxillary protrusion and wants to address the concern.

How the treatment process works

The first step toward a straighter smile through Invisalign treatment is to schedule an initial consultation with an orthodontist who offers Invisalign. On the first visit, the orthodontist conducts a thorough examination, which likely includes dental X-rays, and determines if the patient is a good candidate for treatment. During this time, the dental professional also looks to see if premolar removal is necessary to address overcrowding or bimaxillary protrusion. The orthodontist then educates the patient on the treatment process, and a dental impression is taken after the patient decides to get started with the treatment.

When to consider Invisalign treatment

Invisalign treatment is a great way to fix a wide range of alignment issues, including crooked teeth overcrowded teeth and bite complications. Essentially, anyone who is not entirely happy with their appearance while smiling or struggles with oral health due to alignment complications should consider the benefits of treatment. However, Invisalign is most suitable for patients with mild to moderate malocclusions. Traditional braces might be a better option for severe misalignments.

Talk to a dentist about Invisalign treatment

If you are interested in learning more about premolar removal before Invisalign treatment or want to find out more about Invisalign in general, reach out to your orthodontist today. The orthodontist can answer any questions you may have and get you started on the path to a more attractive smile through orthodontic care. Schedule a consultation today!

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